Colocation of your critical IT hardware in the highly secure C Spire™ data facility has many advantages – including a secure environment, network speeds of up to 100Gbps, and a reduction in the cost and time necessary to maintain your IT investment.

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Colocation services can alleviate much of the burden, and cost, that goes with maintaining an internal IT system — such as increasing investments in power supply, connectivity and HVAC, often while dealing with internal physical capacity or access issues. C Spire™ provides facility management, power, network connectivity and massive cooling capacity, so you can focus on more vital IT areas, like responding to business conditions. Purchase your space by the rack, cage or pod. We’re ready to support your colocation needs regardless of size.

Our expert team will walk you through the process of colocating and stay with you throughout your partnership with C Spire™ to provide guidance, insight and engineering support wherever and whenever you need it. We’ll help you customize your colocation services based on your specific business needs. As your business evolves over time, we’ll help you take maximum advantage of our data center capabilities.

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Learn how the cloud and C Spire™ cloud-based services can help your business respond and adapt to your needs and opportunities.
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This invaluable guide explores the current state of cloud, from benefits to barriers. And we help you ask the right questions of potential cloud service partners, so you tailor the cloud solution that’s right for your business.

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