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Refer to this information before using your phone outside of the U.S. Only certain devices work outside of this area. Once you select a location, you will see rates for calling, texting and data usage.

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To use your phone outside of the continental United States, you may need to request access. Please contact Customer Care to request international roaming access before leaving the country.

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International Dialing Instructions

Outside of the United States

  • Calling a U.S. number: Dial the plus key (+), the U.S. country code (1) and the 10-digit number
  • Texting a U.S. number: Enter the US country code (1) and the 10-digit number of the recipient
  • Calling between countries: Dial the plus key (+), the destination country code and the phone number

Press and hold the zero key (0) to dial the plus key (+).

For Assistance Abroad - Dial +1-601-487-7985 for C Spire Customer Care.


  • Requesting International Access

    To use your phone in locations outside of the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, you must first request access by contacting Customer Care. It is important to contact Customer Care before you travel to ensure that your wireless number is authorized for use outside of the U.S.

    To use a world-capable phone internationally, you will need to add the International Roaming Feature ($5/mo.) and have an international SIM card.

  • International Roaming Feature

    Before you can use a C Spire world-capable phone internationally, the International Roaming feature ($5/mo.) must be added to your account and can be removed after your international travel is complete.

  • International SIM Card

    World-capable phones require a SIM card to roam internationally. SIM cards are available at all retail locations.

    Proper installation and activation of a SIM card is crucial to being able to use your phone internationally.

  • International Loaner Phone Program

    If you don't have a world-capable phone, we can provide you with one for use outside of the United States for up to one month.

    The following criteria must be met in order to participate in the International Loaner Phone program:

    • You must be a postpaid customer in good standing for at least one year.
    • The loaner phone must be requested by the account holder.
    • All lines associated with the account holder's Social Security number must be current. Past-due balances must be paid before being able to participate.

    Please visit a retail location to request an international loaner phone or for more information.

  • Checking Voice Mail

    While in an international location, dial the plus key (+), the US country code (1) and your 10-digit wireless number.

    Press the star key (*) as soon as you hear your outgoing message. Roaming charges (if applicable) apply when checking your voice mail while outside of the U.S.

    Press and hold the zero key (0) to dial the plus key (+).