For Manufacturers, Connectivity = Productivity

Telehealth. HITECH. EHR. Cloud services. It's not surprising one of the most well-educated sectors continues to embrace technology in ways that cut cost and advance patient care. We offer an arsenal of communication technologies to advance the way your practice connects internally, with patients, and with critical healthcare information.

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Keep your operations and employees connected, even off the factory floor.

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Avoid and redirect substantial investments in buildings, infrastructure, and IT equipment by using the cloud.

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IP Voice with UNIFI

Our turnkey, hosted phone system can be upgraded with our cutting-edge UNIFI solution which enables employees to connect instantly via one phone number, no matter where they are or which device they're using.

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Our 7,000+ mile, 100% fiber-based circuits offer your operations unmatched speed and reliability.

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Gain the highest levels of IT performance today, with the ability to meet real-time business demands tomorrow.