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30.00 Per Line on Business Unlimited Plan INTRODUCING

Simple Unlimited for Business

First line $60. Additional Lines $30/ea.

After 50GB of usage, C Spire may slow data speeds.
Device not included, Available only on Device Payment Plan.

We invented unlimited. Today our plans are still #1.


How many lines do you need?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

*Price includes $10/mo credit with AutoPay and paperless billing.

Add as many lines as you want!

After each 10-line package simply start again at the line 1 price.



  • #1 Customer Satisfaction
  • Unlimited Nationwide 4G LTE data Unlimited nationwide high-speed data - After 50GB of usage, C Spire may slow data speeds to 3G.
  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • No overages
  • No hidden fees
  • Add Hotspot/Tethering feature for $20/mo per line Add the Mobile Hotspot feature to turn your smartphone into a hotspot. After 50GB of data usage, C Spire may slow data speeds.
  • Travel International Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions


I am already a C Spire customer. Can I switch to this plan?

Absolutely! Any current customer who is on a Device Payment Plan or owns their device outright is eligible to switch to this plan. For current customers that are under a two-year promotional agreement, you may buy out your contract and switch to this plan. Once you switch to this amazing plan all future phone upgrades must be purchased using our Device Payment Plan or at full retail price.

Can I use my phone's hotspot with this plan?

Yes. Speeds of both your smartphone and any tethering may be slowed after usage over 50GB during a month. Your primary data usage should be on your smartphone. Your tethering service may be canceled or otherwise restricted if you excessively roam or use the service in a way that is harmful to the network or other users.

If I have more than 10 lines, how much would it cost me?

That depends on the number of lines that you have. Here is a chart of all the line prices up to 16 lines.

Lines Monthly Price
1 $60
2 $30
3 $30
4 $30
5 $30
6 $30
7 $30
8 $30
9 $30
10 $30
Lines Monthly Price
11 $60
12 $30
13 $30
14 $30
15 $30
16 $30

Will my speeds ever be slowed down or will I be charged overages?

While many of our customers do not see slowed speeds, if you use more than 50GB per line in any given month, you may experience slowed data speeds. However, we do not charge overage fees on this plan. Tip: C Spire offers you the WiFi ON App to gain access to over a million public WiFi networks for FREE. Check it out on iOS or Android.

How is video quality with this plan?

We do not restrict or limit video quality, and you can experience the highest quality video that your data speed allows and that video content providers offer. Streaming video can result in high data usage, which could cause you to use more than 50GB of data during a month. In this case, you may experience lower data speeds, which could affect video quality.

Can I get Unlimited Data with CashBack on a tablet?

Yes, you can get unlimited data on a tablet for $25/mo and get a $10 CashBack credit on your bill when you use less than 2GB of data in a month. To get this offer, you need to have at least one phone line on an unlimited voice and data plan. It doesn't just have to be the Unlimited for Business plan either. If you already have a smartphone on one of our older unlimited voice/data plans, that will work too.

After 50GB of data usage, we may slow data speeds.

Only $25/mo Now for tablet Unlimited with CashBack on your bill


Unlimited (Data Only) Individual Data Plan for $25




Discover a precision fit. Per GB. Per line. With perfect ease.


3GB of high-speed data $40/mo.


The #1 you wear. Now that Apple Watch comes with cellular service, you can connect it to the #1 network and leave your phone behind. Add an Apple Watch to your plan for $10/mo. Learn More

  • FREE for the first three months.
  • Use the data from your iPhone's rate-plan
  • Make and receive calls, texts, and iMessages using your iPhone's mobile number

To order a watch, sign in to MMA or have your account manager call or visit a store.

Learn more about setting up your Apple Watch at