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Take your home phone service up to the next level. Our Fiber Home Phone service comes complete with all your favorite features. And when you bundle it with your Fiber Home Internet and Super HD™ TV service, it also provides exceptional value. See rates and packagesarrow

Home Phone

Free Premium Phone Features

A variety of premium home phone features are included with your home phone service:

  • Call Blocking

    Block up to 32 numbers. Blocked callers will be routed to a recorded message and your phone will not ring.

    Dial *57 to block the last caller.

  • Call Forward Busy and Call Forward No Answer

    Route incoming callers to another number when you aren't able to answer the call.

    Call Forward Busy - To turn on, dial *90 + new number. To turn off, dial *91.

    Call Forward No Answer - To turn on, dial *92 + number. To turn off, dial *93.

  • Call Return

    Redial the last incoming call for up to 30 minutes.

    Dial *69.

  • Call Waiting Deluxe

    See who's calling when you're on the phone.

    Toggle between calls by pressing the flash key.

  • Caller ID Deluxe

    See the telephone number and name of the person calling.

  • Repeat Dialing

    Redial the last number you called. The number will be dialed every 45 seconds for 30 minutes and a special ring will indicate when the line is free.

    Dial *66 to activate.

  • Ringmaster Number

    Have up to three phone numbers on a single line - each with a unique ringing pattern.

    Call 1-855-Get100x (438-1009) to set up this feature.

  • Speed Dialing

    If your phone doesn't have the capability to store and speed dial numbers, this feature will allow you to store up to 30 numbers for access using individual two-digit codes (between 20 and 49).

    To store a number, dial *75, wait for a dial tone, then dial the two-digit code (between 20 and 49) + the number.

    To dial a stored number, simply dial * and the assigned two-digit code.

  • 3-Way Calling

    Add a third party to your call.

    Press the flash key to put the first call on hold and dial the second number, then press the flash key again to connect all parties.

Additional free services can be added upon request:

  • Voice Mail

    Callers will hear your personalized greeting and be able to leave a message. You can access the voice mail system from any touch tone phone.

  • Block 900 Number Calls

    Block outgoing calls to 900 numbers.

  • Block International Calls

    Block outgoing calls to international phone numbers.

  • Block Toll Calls

    Block outgoing calls that would result in toll charges (e.g., 900 numbers, international numbers and long-distance numbers).

Privacy Features

For an additional small monthly fee, you can have both the privacy and peace of mind of having a non-listed or non-published number.

  • Non-Listed Number

    A non-listed number can be obtained by calling Directory Assistance but is not printed in telephone directories.

  • Non-Published Number

    A non-published number is not available from Directory Assistance and is not printed in telephone directories.

International Calling Rates

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