Return & Exchange Policy
Exchanges are only accepted at C Spire retail locations.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee:
If not completely satisfied within 30 days after activating service, return your equipment to one of our stores for a refund of the cost of equipment along with any activation fees. Overage and roaming charges are not refundable. Damaged equipment is not eligible for a refund. Equipment must be returned in its original condition.

Returning/Exchanging Equipment:
You may return or exchange your device or accessory once within 14 days of purchase. All device exchanges will be subject to a Restocking Fee of $30 or $50, dependent on device type, due at the time of exchange. Device exchanges for a different color model of the same device will not be accepted. Refurbished devices or devices purchased without a service agreement may be exchanged, but will not be accepted for return. Any device may be returned within 30 days of activating service if you deactivate service with C Spire Wireless. If you surrender your old device to C Spire as a trade-in for credit toward purchasing a new device, it becomes the property of C Spire and will not be returned to you. Promotional offers are one-time-only offers and are not transferable to a second device in cases of exchanges or returns.

Items such as Bluetooth® headsets, wired earbuds/headsets, batteries, screen protectors, memory cards, and watches may not be returned or exchanged unless the item is unopened, in its original packaging and unused. Items purchased at a discounted price can be exchanged or returned for the discounted price only. Items received for free can only be exchanged for items of equal value. No refunds are given for free items.

You must have the receipt and packaging from the original purchase for all returns and exchanges. Exchanges are only accepted at C Spire retail locations.

Prepaid service payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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